Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Les Miserables

I've just gotten back from watching Les Miserables at the Palace Theatre.

I adore going to the theatre, whether its Opera, Musicals, Ballet, Shakespeare...Anything on stage. I love it. So going to see Les Mis has been something I've wanted for a while. I used to watch a VHS my grandma had of a performance of it. I used to love watching it, but I had forgotten the storyline. I was over the moon to get tickets for Christmas.

We had really good seats, right in the middle, with a clear view of the stage and I was incredibly impressed. The way they used the stage, the props, the singing...I was hooked from the moment the lights lowered.

I was laughing and crying and cheering along the whole way through. The actors were amazing.

It was so good the whole theatre was on its feet at the end. I've been told its like that every night they've been there. I've never seen a show like it.

I just want to go see it again!

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