Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Favourite Recipes for Autumn

Wow! It took longer than I thought to get back to writing this blog entry. The recipes I promised you last time are below, and I have another update on whats happening in this crazy little world of mine coming soon. Eventually I might be able to get into a regular routine of writing instead of random updates once in a blue moon ;)

OK, here are the recipes. I wanted to get these up in time for Halloween, since its my yearly routine to make all of these on Halloween and share a nice meal with family or friends then sit and watch a few of my fave movies before doing whatever it is that I'm doing that evening, a few issues meant I could get these up in time though.
This year I sat with my wassail and a few movie goodies, and watched Practical Magick and The Craft (which I've watched so many times I need a new copy).
Just to quickly note. All my measurements are in the UK imperial/metric. I'm not sure how it differs to the US equivalents, but this website can be VERY useful for converting them.