Friday, 5 November 2010

Half-Term Madness.

Quite a bit has happened since I last blogged. Mainly stuff to do with uni, and me meeting my new flatmate (who is awesome btw), had an awesome flat-warming party and also I seem to have managed to both gain a boyfriend and then lose him again. Bit of a mix of good and bad.
This week has been really horrible though. Everyone else seems to get a reading week but we always end up with exams. I've had three big exams, which has meant no fun - just revision. I had my last exam today - I'm so happy they're over.

Not that all the exams were horrible. I had one on Wednesday that I got 95% on. 95!!! Thats like half a question wrong. I was very impressed, especially after the day before was horrible.
Tuesday's exam was Pharmacology. I find the subject interesting, but I'm not very anamoured with the lectures and this exam was a timed essay - the one kind of exam I really hate. The question was split into six things and we had to choose 4 to write about. I think I managed to write one fairly well, but the other three were pure guesswork. I came out of the exam nearly in tears it was that bad and I feel horrible - especially since I've looked over my notes and realised I know a helluva lot more than I put down.
My last exam was a good one again - Multiple Choice Questions, and I was confident about 80% of the test. We'll see how I did when I get the results.

After the exam we made the decision to go to starbucks. I am so glad we did - THE RED CUPS ARE BACK!!!!
This has basically made my week so much better. I love the red cups.
Everyone seems to have one thing which puts them into the christmas mood. For one friend its when the christmas coca-cola adverts come on tv, another its the christmas lights switch-on but for me, it is the day starbucks bring out those red take-out cups, decorate everything with snowflakes and I take my first sip of yummy gingerbread latte.
So it is now the run-up to christmas for me. I will start considering christmas gifts and deciding which family I want to spend christmas day with (thats a whole new blog post).

It's bonfire night tonght, which means lots of fireworks and smoke. We're going to a public display close by, unfortunately without my flatmate as she's scared of fireworks :(
After the display we're thinking of going for a few drinks which may or may not turn into a girls' night out.
Tomorrow is my friend's 21st birthday aswell - he's having a house party and after the week I've ended up having, I'll be planning on getting very messy :p I think he said something about drinking so much he doesn't want anyone able to walk home.

So, here's to me hopefully being able to live through my hangover come Sunday lol.


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