Friday, 5 February 2010

Spending Time.

Today I was feeling a little bit down, so I decided to meet my mum and spend the day together. Its rare that we spend much time on our own anymore, and I miss her. So she picked me up and said she'd take me food shopping.
Food shopping is one of those necessary chores which I absolutely hate. I find supermarkets too busy and frustrating, of course then it all has to be lugged home and put away. Eugh.
As much as I hate the shopping, mum makes it less of a chore. She knows I have a temptation problem when it comes to bargains and she helps persuade me away from spending my money on stupid stuff.

"Ooo 2for1! I might as well get a couple"
"But Claire, remember you said you don't like those"
Anyway, with her help I got through the till and realised I'd not only spent under my budget, but I'd also got more stuff (which I wanted but was willing to sacrifice) than I had on my list. We were both tired because the shop was hectic, and mum wasn't feeling too steady on her feet, so on the way out I suggested we go to Krispy Kreme - which just happens to be right next to the supermarket and at that time of day is very quiet.
She loved that idea so I went and bought us a coffee and couple of doughnuts each (still managing to stay well under my budget for the day).

I love Krispy Kreme. I know its not for everyone, but I just love pretty much all of their doughnuts. The glazed Chocolate Cake is my fave, which is kind of a surprise, as I had thought it would be too sweet for me (not a big fan over chocolate flavoured stuff). I was also surprised at the coffee.
I've never tried the coffee from Krispy Kreme before, and had expected an OK drink, but it was bloomin lovely! I can't say that I've ever had a better coffee, though that probably tells you more about how much bad coffee I drink on a regular basis than the state of the good coffee lol.
Anyway, we sat for ages, just talking and caught up on everything. I had forgotten how much I'd missed of this - just us two again chatting. She's not just my mum, she's my friend too and its been a long time since I saw this side of her. It was lovely to see her relax a bit, especially when she's hurting.

I then went home for the first time since Christmas. I saw Ben the pet dog again and made his day by spoiling him rotten. I saw how much my brother has completely taken over my room lol, and spent some great family time.
I'll have to do today again sometime, and not leave it so long. I miss home, but I know part of the reason I appreciate it so much is exactly because I miss it.

I'm going to shut up and leave you with a couple of pictures, because I have to share them with someone, and where else am I gonna post them? :-p

I'll be back soon!


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