Wednesday, 17 February 2010

So tired I just fell asleep stood at the sink...

This morning I had an exam in Genetics. It was pretty tough but I just about managed to pass, so thats spurred me on to do a bit of study work this afternoon. I'm absolutely knackered since I had very little sleep last night so I think I'm going to have a bit of a rest first - or drink lots of caffeine. Whichever works best.

I just wanted to post a quickie update. I think its been over a week since I last posted, but not an awful lot has happened. I had a pretty rough few days last week where my mood seemed to plummet and it made getting out of bed hard, and I rarely left the flat - which of course just makes it worse.
With a little help from Mum, who decided to distract me with a trip to a chocolatiere, I seem to be on the way up, and I'm feeling better, so thats good.

This weekend was Valentines. I'm normally pretty much a complete grump when it comes to V-day, but thats probably because I haven't got someone to share it with, so I don't want people to think I'm being horrible when I say its possibly one of the worst days on the calendar for me. I wasn't feelign up to going out, and I was on my own in the flat, so I decided to go all out and make an 'Anti-valentines' playlist. I know this probably makes me seem like quite a sad person, but it was actually fun! I found lots of new artists who I'd never heard of, and discovered new songs from artists I already knew. I had one rule - no love songs allowed. It's surprising though how many songs are about love.
So despite it beginning as it did, I've ended up with a great playlist full of really random, but fun songs.

I've also suddenly managed to gain about 10 books which I need to read - and I have no time to read them lol.

Yesterday was Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday. I love any excuse to eat pancakes so I had great fun! A few of us got together and went through a ton of pancakes. Its was a great night.
I got in late, and because I had been waiting for the bus in the freezing cold (puddles were turnign slushy as I watched) my knee has seized up. I ended up using a hot water bottle on it and had a pretty rough night.

Which is why I am so tired now. So I'm going to stop rambling and go get some sleep since the caffeine isn't working too well and is only giving me a headache.


  1. Feeling better and recharged?

    I hope so. :)


  2. It comes and goes, but mostly, yeah. Thankyou :) I just want the weather to warm up a little now lol.