Tuesday, 9 February 2010

An Unusual Day.

I'm taking a break from a mammoth homework marathon and I wanted to blog about the other day (Sunday) because it was so unusual for me.

I woke up with a bit of a hangover (I had over-indulged on alcohol on a rare night out with the sister) so I slept a little late. About 3pm I was woken by a loud banging on my room door and a familiar voice telling me to get my butt outta bed right that minute.
Once I finally managed to stumble to the door, I was reminded about an ice hockey game we had been planning to go to and I had forgotten about.

I've been fascinated by hockey for a while, but I've never seen a live game before, and when our local radio station was giving free tickets to people who hadn't been we snatched at the chance.
So I somehow managed to get showered and ready within an hour, and we left for the tram to the Ice Rink where they were playing.
After maybe 15 minutes on the tram we got off and had to walk all the way round the actual rink to be able to get to the entrance. The wait wasn't too bad and when we got in they were just about ready for the face-off.

We sat down and right from the start I couldn't take my eyes off the ice. I suddenly became so loud! I've never been a shouty person, but when people fell over or were fighting or we score I was jumping and screaming with the rest of the crowd. It was an incredible experience.
We had great seats and could see everything - its nothing compared to the TV, the camera misses so much.
I had an absolutely brilliant time. I got home and it looks like I've got another pair of freebie tickets so I'll definitely be going again.

The score? Manchester Phoenix beat the Romford Raiders 12-3.
My flatmate predicted that score at the end of the second period so he was pretty happy with that.

We got home and started to get ready to watch the Superbowl. Since we're in the UK, and the Superbowl is obviously in the US, we had to stay up later to watch it. I think it kicked off at about 11pm here so we were up pretty late.
It was worth it though. I've never bothered with American Football, figuring it was just an Americanised version of Rugby, but after my flatmate explained a couple of really basic rules to me - just enough for me to understand what was going on, I was quite interested to see what happened.
We chose teams before they kicked off, and we girls went for the New Orleans Saints (after being told they were the underdogs) and the one guy went for the Indianapolis Colts though he changed his mind just after kick-off.
It was an exciting game to watch and I was happy to see the Saints win. They made a good comeback after a not so good first period and some of the moves they pulled were incredible. There was an unexpected kick which managed to confuse the colts and then there was an amazing catch from a throw by Manning which the Saints managed to get a hold of and run with it all the way. The last few minutes were tense wondering if the Colts would pull it back, but in the end it was the Saints who won.
Their first time in the Superbowl, and they won it. It’s a great achievement.

I wasn't impressed with the half-time show much. I love The Who, and I'm never a fan of music in a stadium like that - the sound is always weird, but it seemed like they might have been a bit out of time, and if it weren't for the incredible lights show, I don't think it would have been interesting at all. I couldn't help thinking that maybe they should have just left it alone.

We had fun picking on the commentators everytime there was a break in play (which happened surprisingly often). One of the guys had the most sculpted facial hair I've ever seen, and another so obviously had lip-gloss/lipstick on that it was scary. There was a guy with HUGE hands and we spent the whole time he was on screen wishing the guy next to him would shake his hand or something, just to compare how ginormous they were. There was a moment where a player rolled over his own head sideways (which I still want to make an animated gif of) and finally hearing one of the commentators say that the people setting up the half-time show looked "like ants demolishing a biscuits but in reverse" followed by another person on the BBC saying "I don't get it - wouldn't that mean the biscuit was demolishing the ants?" is one of the funniest things I've ever heard!
So all in all it was a fairly sporty day for me. Considering its rare I'll watch a football match, watching two kinds of sport in one day is a big thing lol. And that I'm willing to repeat the experience is amazing!
I had a really good day and I'm glad I didn't ignore the banging on my door earlier on. ;-)

I'll be back soon - I'm going to see Les Miserables tonight, so no doubt I'll want to brag about that a bit :-p


P.S. That pic at the top is of my mannequin I keep on top of my PC. My flatmate decided to have him learn to play the guitar without me knowing…

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