Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Insomnia - dontcha love it?

Hey folks.

I've been trying to get some sleep for the past 4 hours, but its just not happening. I've tried everything from a warm drink to playing music to counting sheep and nothing seems to work. Its now 7am and I have given up. I have an exam at 11 and I'm scared if I fall asleep now I'll sleep through my alarms and miss it. I probably should have gone to bed sooner. So I'm now drinking caffeine and hoping I can last until this afternoon.

In other news, I went shopping earlier and spent far too much. I've spent the entire week's budget (and a bit more besides) and I'm not sure it will last that long. Oh well. I did treat myself a bit though. I got myself a new pair of PJs which were on sale, and I bought a book I've been looking for, for about 2 years. I also went and bought a few DVDs. They were on offer, and I got 5 DVDs for £10. Bargain!
I've gone through my DVD collection so many times I'm bored of it - including the one's I've nicked from my sister...ssshhhh don't tell ;-) and I spotted some films I've wanted to watch for a while, so I figured 'why the hell not' and went for it.
District 9 - I've been dying to watch this since it came out in the cinema, but I never got around to going. It probably mainly due to the adverts they put on phoneboxes - they made me laugh. I can't wait to see this.
Burn After Reading - One of those films I didn't feel like watching at the cinema, but always planned to check it out when my sister inevitably got it on DVD. I'll probably enjoy it since its George Clooney and Brad Pitt and I thought they were good in the Ocean films. It seems to be a good light hearted comedy. I'll probably invite Ben & Jerry to watch it with me on one of those nights when I have the living room to myself.
Death Race - I have a 'thing' for Jason Statham and cars/guns. Need I say anything more?
Coraline - I think this is really supposed to be a kids film - or at least a family film. I've been curious about this film, but again, figured I'd borrow it from someone when they got it. Instead me and mum went halvsies on it, and sice I got so many other films, she gets to watch it first. I don't really know much about it, but I think I'll probably like it.
Rise - I didn't realise till I got this home that it stars Lucy Liu (I admit she's one of my girl crushes). I think I'm the most excited about this one. Its a horror that I'll probably watch with my flatmate on one of our movie nights. Also has Carla Gugino and Micheal Chiklis in there - a couple of faces I seem to see everywhere, always awesome, and yet I never seem to recall them being 'Big Names'.
I've also borrowed The Prophecy trilogy from my flatmate, so I'm really going to have to start watching more films soon.

While I'm on the subject of films...
I normally keep an eye out for whats one at the cinema, but its rare that I get super-excited about a particular film. I tend to just keep a mental list of the ones I wouldn't mind watching if I got the chance. However, there are two films coming up very soon which I have been excited about, and following avidly since I heard about them.
The first - Alice In Wonderland. I adore the story, its one of my faves, and when I heard that not only was Tim Burton making his take on it (with an awesome cast!), but that it was actually going to be a kind of sequel - I actually danced at the prospect of going to see it.  I wasn't impressed by his take on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - I felt it was too dark, and Wonka was played too scarily. That was always a kids story in my mind, and I didn't like being creeped out when I expected to laugh. However, I always love darker takes of Wonderland. Though I refused to personally play it (I'm a wuss) American McGee's game was fabulous, and the macabre interpretation was something I thought was fantastic. So though I have no doubt it will still be very family friendly, and not as scary as that (It is, after all, still a Disney movie), I have a feeling Burton will do his usual fab job of managing to make the place a slightly scary, crazy place - and I have a feeling I'm going to love it!
Second, is the Prince of Persia movie coming up in May. Another Disney movie. I never paid much attention to the game, but I generally get disappointed by film adaptations of popular games. Either its impossible to understand unless you've played the game, or they go completely off track and instead of adapting the game, its more accurate to say it was loosely 'inspired' by the game. So far with PoP however, I've been so impressed I want to play the game just to see what happens. The effects are incredible, the story seems to stick to the game plot, and a tanned Jake Gylenhaal is the ultimate eye candy.... *fans herself at the thought*
Also, Ben Kingsley rocks pretty much any film I've seen him in, so since he's on the cast list, I'm betting its gonna be awesome. Go check out the trailers and you'll see what I mean...

I'm gonna stop babbling on and go start getting ready for Uni - despite still having hours to waste yet.... :-/
I'll be back soon


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