Thursday, 4 March 2010

Great News!!

Ok, last post for today, I promise. I just remembered I had some pretty big news to share.

I've been accepted onto the exchange program at Uni :-D

I got the letter yesterday and after dancing around the flat for a little bit I sat down and read it properly. I still have to wait for SDSU to accept me personally, and send confirmation, but I've been told there's no reason why I shouldn't be accepted. I also spotted that I was supposed to go to a workshop that day (good job I checked my mail eh?).

So off I ran to this workshop. They gave us info on the visas, and what we had to do as far as paperwork was concerned, and I met someone else who is going to the same place (a few people hadn't shown up) so that was cool. Then we got to talk to US students who are on exchange here.

I spoke to a really nice girl from Louisiana State Uni. She didn't know much about South Dakota, understandably. Its probably like me trying to give someone info on a London University, but further away. She did manage to give me an idea of what studying in the US is going to be like. And she gave us all a few tips, and basically just had a really cool conversation with us.

She also told me to go to Louisiana for Mardi Gras if I get the chance - specifically New Orleans. I've seen and heard so much about it, I might just do that. I can bet it'll be an experience of a lifetime!
So now, after speaking to her, I really really cannot wait. I'm back to dancing with impatience at wanting to get stuff sorted, but I don't want to do anything till I get confirmation. Gah! I have so much nervous energy!

We had some great sunshine today too, it kinda fit my mood. Everyone was sunbathing but I didn't join in - it was still chilly, but you'd almost think it was spring already! ;-)
I wanted to share. I'll keep you updated on any progress.



  1. Just passing through! I see on your profile page though that you like indie music, maybe you'd enjoy my blog...

  2. Thanks Tyson! I'll go check it out now :-)