Friday, 11 September 2009

A candle-less existence...

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So today, after an email from the university about moving into the Halls of Residence, I decided I would sit down and thoroughly read through all of the rules and regulations and health and safety stuff they say I have to read before I arrive. Normally I'm really bad at reading T&Cs and stuff like that, but I thought I'd be a good student and endure the boredom.
I read the part about having to fill in an itinerary when I get to the flat, so I don't get blamed if anything is missing, and about having to go to a fire safety talk in my first two weeks and the other similar things. Then I read something which shocked me.
I'm not allowed candles! No open flames, so no candles or incense or any of my lovely relaxing stuff.
This is going to seriously hurt. If I can't bake, I light a candle or two. And my room and clothes are constantly smelling like whetever incense I have a fixation on that week (I picked up the habit after getting tired of constantly smelling like a smoker - living with two heavy smokers in the house has its drawbacks). Its my relaxation tool. I have a bath, light a few candles and get the incense out.
I joked with my mum that I'd be coming home for a candle fix....I was sort-of serious though.
She went out and bought me some fake electric candles (its not the same).
Think she's trying to tell me something?

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  1. That stinks (pun intended). I love really good candles (my fixation are the Henry Bendel candles which Bath & Bodyworks sells, particularly the Vanilla one). A friend of Ghosty's and mine is in college and he also has major restrictions like this; can't even own a small hot plate for instance. It's crazy that you can't make yourself a small snack or relax yourself with a little ball of wax :P Geez, when I was in college nobody paid attention to anything/anyone and nobody got burned down!