Thursday, 10 September 2009

Money Troubles

I got my letter from Student Finance this morning. It tells me how much money I can expect to get next year, both loans and any grants/bursaries.
I'd been worrying about this for a long while, because I sent off the application in May, and hadn't heard a thing from them, then I got a dodgy email claiming to be from the student finance company asking me to send information, I was suspicious (there were no customer ref numbers, or anything that is usually on emails from them) so checked it out and figured out it was fake.
So I've been worrying whether I'd get any confirmation before I moved to uni, or even whether they'd received my application form since I never got the usual 'Thanks for your application' letter.

When I woke up to find the letter - and the amounts, I immediately sat down to work out how much I would have after paying for my accomodation and tuition fees. I was so relieved that even the thought of having to live on just under £50 a week (google says thats about 80USD)didn't really phase me. I figured that with no utilities or travel expenses to pay, I could buy my food shopping, and save up for the treats like books or clothes.

I moved on to the rest of my mail with a grin - which soon fell into a frown....2 letters, both from The Bank.

Looking at how much I now owe The Bank (procrastination means it has spiralled out of control) it looks like I'm going to struggle to find £5 a week to live on. Bummer.

With no sign of a job in sight (I've applied everywhere I can think of and apart from one interview which led nowhere, I haven't heard a thing) its looking like my only other option is to let them take further legal action....which I really don't want to do :(

So, even before lunch-time, I'd been so happy I could cry, so depressed I could cry, and now I'm just numb. I wish I could stick my head in the sand and ignore it, but thats what got me into this mess in the first place. I think its time to make an appointment at the bank to see if anything can be arranged.

Don't you just hate money worries?


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