Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Exploring Bay City

I decided to go exploring today in SL. I have a big list of places to visit, which I'll get around to eventually, but today I decided I would visit Bay City.

 I've been meaning to explore the regions since they opened in May.
The sims were built by the Linden Lab Department of Public Works (or 'Moles') and then sold on to SL residents who built within a theme, which appears to be a 1930s/40s Art Deco style.
I'd asked on the forums where was the best place to start and got some good advice from Marianne McCann. I started in Bay City - Imaginario (where Mari has her store - You know, For Kids ), and wandered slowly through the streets heading East through Bay City - Falconmoon and Bay City - Argos.
I have to say, I was very impressed. I dont think I've seen any of the Moles' builds, or a build where the Lindens and Residents have worked so well together. Everything I saw fit the theme, and it was interesting walking around, seeing the stores which sell such different things, all still fitting together. Even with nobody around, you could tell that it was a community, and not just a place for people to put their stuff.

When I landed in Imaginario, the first thing I saw was a Mole build - an archeaological dig of some sort. It was a fun build, and I took a picture or two, and found my way through the labyrinth.

I wandered further and found a playground, which although nothing was scripted or had sits in there, I did like it, and there was a good view across to Falconmoon.
 I found Mari's store - and her big billboard, and decided to take a souvinir photo of me being a bit of a vandal, sitting on the top of it.

Walking across to Falconmoon, the first thing that struck me was the ginormic Eiffel Tower. I spotted a sign which seemed to say that it was only there temporarily, so I had to climb it just for the view and the picture opportunities.
Across from the Eiffel Tower was a statue of a mole. I'm not sure who he was supposed to be (I dont really keep up) but he seemed like a nice fellow so I took another picture.
By this time I was starting to lag a bit, and was running out of the time I'd given myself for exploring, so I continued on to Argos.
I didn't really see much of this sim as I got sidetracked by this:

Impressive isn't it? It was made by Argos Hawks, and is called the Bay City Ball Machine. the steel balls are lifted up the central spiral and then drop back via a number of different tubes and spinning windmills, creating a very interesting visual effect. It seemed to be all done by physics, and I just sat there for a while watching it do its thing.

My time was up so I decided to head to my home location before logging out - only my home sim was offline, meaning I had to log out where I stood.
So if you're wandering through Bay City - Argos sometime tomorrow and I pop in on your head, half rezzed, sorry - it means I forgot to log in at home again lol.


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  1. I'm almost a year late, but thanks for the kind words for the Bay City Ball Machine. I found this while Googling for something else. Glad you enjoyed it.