Thursday, 10 September 2009

Celebrity look-alike?

You might have heard of this website before, I know I have, but I thought I'd share anyway, because it can be pretty fun.

Basically you upload a picture of you (or your avatar) and it will compare it to a collection of celebrity photos and tell you who you look most like. Now you do have to register for this, but its just an email address, and you don't get any spam from them.

I uploaded this picture for the celebrity collage:

The best picture would be facing the camera, with no facial piercings, and with any hair kept out of your eyes. No glasses either - it needs to be able to see the contours of your face clearly I guess.
The uploading stage seems to have a few problems, it took 2 tries before it worked for me.
So I uploaded, registered, and was given this:

I'm pretty happy with it - even with Jimmy in there lol. Since it only shows 8 celebs I also had the choice of switching for Jessica Simpson at 67% or Mena Suvari at 66%.
Uma Thurman...not bad :D

I had a go at the Celebrity morph too, but it didn't work too well lol.

Want to give it a go and see what you get?


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