Monday, 7 September 2009

First Blog Post!

Just to start off, I don't really have any plans for this blog, its not going to be a diary, or a soap box for me to complain about everything. I'm just going to post whatever I feel like and see how it evolves over time. Neither am I going to keep it strictly SL or RL related, just a blend of fun and randomness...

So, with less than 2 weeks until I move out of home for the first time to go to University, I thought it might be fun for me to start my very own blog. I can't wait to meet new people and am excited about the whole university experience. I've just finished a foundation year since I took a couple of years out from school, so I know how a few things already work, but its still going to be a totally new experience for me.

I'll leave it there for now, I don't want my first post to babble to much, really I just wanted to say Hi and Welcome.

Oh, and because pretty soon you'll realise I love posting pictures from Second Life, here's one to kick it off...

Pretty please feel free to leave comments or suggestions. I'd love knowing people will actually read this thing so that I'm not just babbling for no reason lol.

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