Saturday, 19 September 2009

Big Day Tomorrow!!

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I move to University tomorrow.

I'm so excited about the chance to gain some independance and move out of home, yet I'm going to miss my mum. I'm only going to the local university (which is still a big uni), and moving into Halls of Residence about 10 minutes away, but its a big thing - as I'm sure it is with everyone who moves out of home for the first time.

Its been just me and mum for a long time. My brother and sister moved in with my grandma about 5 years ago. We're very close, and although we argue, I know I can tell her anything. Even when she met her now fiance, we stayed very close.
So to leave her here is going to really upset me. Especially as she seems to be going through a bit of a rocky patch - she tells me I worry too much.

I am still so psyched about going though! I'll be sharing a flat with between 5 and 7 other people. I'll have my own bedroom and shower room, but anything else I will share.
I've got everything I think I'll need, packed it up, and I'll be packing my computer up tonight. I'm sure I have too much stuff, and that I'll have a really small room but I couldn't help going a bit overboard.

I haven't actually seen where I will be moving. I missed the tours of the Halls, and everything I know is from the University website. SO all I know is the exterior of the building as we drive past it on our way into town.

I've been speaking to some of the people who will be living in the same building on Facebook. It's helped me not to be so nervous about moving into a place where I don't know anyone, because they all seem like people I would get on with. For all I know I could have already spoken to my new flatmate(s).

Tomorrow is also my sister's birthday. She wants to go out for lunch and go bowling, but Grandma managed to reign her in to just a birthday dinner at her house. So I have to move in the morning, then go over to grans and give Sis a great birthday (need to buy a card on the way), then come back and unpack and meet everyone - and since there are two days of moving in, I'll probably have more people to meet on the Sunday. It's going to be hectic, but fun.

I'm going to sign off now and head for bed - it's my last night at home, and its already way past time I should be asleep.
If I can manage to get some sleep that is ;)


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  1. Joshooah Lovenkraft19 September 2009 at 03:19

    Good luck with school Claire! Moving out and going to university is really a wonderful and life changing experience. Enjoy the moments even when they seem tough.