Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Blankit Fort!


Those of you who spend time either at the Forum Catel Hangout, or have read the Undead Thread for a while may remember the blanket fort I had fun with a while ago.
Those who dont, here are a couple of pics.

I basically got really bored, and decided to build something. Since I felt like hiding out a bit, and was feeling a bit playful, I built a blanket fort with some cushions I had in my inventory and created some blankets and cardboard, along with a couple of chairs.
I left it out for a few days and people seemed to enjoy it. A few would have liked a copy, but as the cushions I used weren't transferrable, it wasn't possible.

Today I made a new version. I found some cushions which I could use, so I redid the fort, and it is now up on the freebie shelves at the hangout. It includes 3 poses, which aren't linked to the actual fort and are no mod, but the rest of the fort is fully mod and copyable.

Go get it!


(PS. My winter scarf freebie has been updated and is now back on the shelves )

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