Sunday, 17 January 2010

Random Quirks

I have this friend....and she has this website...and I want you all to go look at it because it is full of such awesomeness!

Random Quirks

She makes the most amazing stuff, If I could, I'd buy the lot.
Everything is handmade, and unique. Its fun, and creative, and quirky. They're great for gifts. I bought my sister some earrings, and now they are her favourite pair. The barbie shoe earrings are a stroke of genious! Here's a couple of pictures, just to show how funky this stuff is.

Its constantly being updated with new items, so go check it out now!

She has another website called Toast Rack. Which is mainly her designs for handpainted t-shirts. The collection is fairly small at the moment, but she has lots of ideas and the store will be updated very soon.

Both stores have 100% positive feedback.

I can't really do her justice with just this blog post, so you should definitely go see for yourselves. And tell all your friends!

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