Monday, 25 January 2010

Normal Eyelashes!

Hey folks!

I derserve an award for being a dunce. In the previous post I complained about ending up with white eyelashes and blamed it all on SL. In fact, this is my mistake.
I had downloaded a set of Eloh Eliot's freebie skins, but stupidly I had saved them as jpegs, and had just uploaded them straight into SL as is.
Which is fine, until I realise that there is a space in the skin mesh which has to be transparent (alpha) for the eyelashes to be ok. When you save as a jpeg of course, all the alpha textures turn white - or whatever the background colour is.

So, after fixing this by adding an alpha channel, deleting the white bits, and uploading them as tga files, It is sorted now. See? Normal Eyelashes:

I still managed to rock the white lashes for a while though, courtesy of Amaranthim Talon, creator of Talon Faire and the Eyelash Bar. (see the picture at the top of the post). She has some awesome stuff there. Go check it out!


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