Sunday, 17 January 2010

Inworld At Last!

So I didn't realy get inworld for very long tonight afterall, since my computer threw a paddy at me. It's lost the trick of SL, having not been online in so long, so I think it dislikes being told to do such hard work.

I'll retrain it soon enough.

I'm glad I got online though, however short a time it was. I sat at the hangout for a little bit and Maureen popped in to say hi! I snapped this quick pic, before either of us had to go again.
I also managed to buy a new outfit!
It's from Archange, called Chelsea. I bought it before I realised that I already had a copy in another colour from a group gift.
Oh well, I still think its lovely so I'm going to do that thing they do on fashion-y blogs:

Wearing: Archange - Chelsea in 'Cranberry' and 'Creme'
Shoes: Rha! - Colour Change Sculpt Stilettos
Skin: Belleza - Brooke pale 10 w/ freckles
Hair: FD Hair - Rachel II in 'Blood'
Eyes: Sin Skins - Romantic Frost Eyes
Necklace: BDJ - Backpearls Double Strand Plain in 'Natural'
How did I do? You can see the original size piccie here. It looks better in that huge size, it'd just freak the blog out if I tried to post it that big.
And Now, since it is past 8 am, and the sky has gotten about as light as it is going to do today, I should go to bed. I hope I don't start making a habit of sleeping all day and staying up all night ;p

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