Sunday, 24 January 2010

White Eyelashes

White Eyelashes, originally uploaded by Claire Silverspar.

Don't you just love it? I look fabulous. Right.

Basically, I uploaded a new skin today, and SL being its usual self, decided it would give me white eyelashes of all things. What you see is all the sliders for the eyelashes at the absolute minimum. I've tried going back to older display drivers, clearing the cache, relogging and restarting, rebake, everything I can think of, but this one skin just wont quit it.
And the worst thing is, I love the skin! I don't want to take it off! Just look at the freckles! Aren't they gorgey?
So since I don't want to part with the skin, I've decided I'm going to make the most of white eyelashes and pretend its white mascara or something. I'm going to try and make a new trend for this look lol.

What do you think?


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